A UX case study of building a better experience. Re-designing the Air Peace Airline website

Taking a trip by air is constantly an amazing experience, however I believe the tension of scheduling flights must be checked out. In today’s digital world, we value speed and simpleness, so it is essential to have a great Online Reservation System to conserve time.

For this factor, I selected Air Peace Airline company, a Nigerian airline company, as a case research study for a reliable User Experience (UX) style. To discover methods to enhance their reservation systems, stick with me as we go out the services to our scheduling system.

The Style Process

Following the style procedure, I began with use screening and ended with recognition:

Research Study

After numerous conversations and interviews with buddies, I learnt the following:

  • Many people schedule their flights on their method to the airport
  • Some others in the middle of a company conference
  • For some, they schedule theirs while seeing a film
  • Individuals desired an area where they might get a taxi, book a hotel, and see locations they might check out, since a few of them may not recognize with the environment

We confirmed the concept that the majority of people schedule their flights while doing other things. In the end, users would choose a great, quick, and user friendly approach to schedule their flights while continuing with their daily activities.


  • Payment procedures must be made much faster. Users must have the ability to pay as rapidly as possible, then go back to their different activities
  • Execute a platform where all payments must be made on the website. Do this by gathering charge card information on the website rather of rerouting users. This would assist with client retention and lower actions as well.
  • Having the ability to schedule a taxi to take you to your location would be another amazing experience


  • Back up all style choices with information.
  • Comprehend the payment circulation, and develop a method to fix this concern.
  • Propose style services and confirm them.


I produced a personality for a common user of the Air Peace site who wishes to schedule a flight. I am utilizing “Mr. Sammie Gold” as our user for today, however obviously there are numerous other situations aside from his.


I moved an action even more to produce a storyboard for Mr. Sammie, who simply wishes to schedule a flight rapidly and continue with his conference.

Storyboard for Mr. Sammie Gold.

Creating a model

Have a look at the style on Bēhance.

The reservation procedure

Searching for the flight:

The existing reservation procedure

Mr sammie would value a more streamlined type:

The brand-new reservation experinece

Having less complicated types would really result in a much better experience. In this manner, it gets simpler moving from “reservation” to “sign in” to “my journey” with simply “one click” and boom, you can begin scheduling.

Scheduling the flight, prior to and after redesign:

Existing experience.

The type looks a lot simpler and easy to use now right?

Choosing your chosen flight and kind of seat:

Existing individual details page:

Existing individual details type

This is a bit too congested, so lets streamline it:

New individual details type

Now it looks directly to the point? Yeah!

The existing payment circulation page:

Old checkout circulation

The old circulation reroutes user to “PayGate” and “Webpay,” which isn’t really required at all. You can really do all your payment on the Air Peace site. So, let’s repair that:

Oh wait!

Did you observe that on the payment circulation, you need to pick a payment approach 3 times? This can put doubt and fear into a users mind, so let’s alter that. Now let’s see:

Brand-new payment circulation.

To Start With, every payment is made on the Air Peace site itself. The user does not need to tension himself out choosing a payment approach– the system does that for you. And now, the actions have actually been lowered to 2.

Voila! The user is done, a ticket is sent out to his e-mail, and Mr Sammie enjoys– so he returns to paying complete focus on the conference!

Other functions:

Oh yes! Now, a user can prepare his journey. If he clicks the “strategy travel” button:

  • He gets choices to a book taxi. Here he can see different rankings of taxi business, picks the one with the greatest ranking, and he’s done.
  • He can likewise get choices to make hotel appointments. Hotels with various rankings are shown plainly.

A user might search for stunning locations to check out in this brand-new environment.


After the prototyping, I performed a recognition test with some users and found that:

  • The site ended up being a lot easier to utilize, as it is simple for the users to see exactly what they wish to do in the beginning look
  • It’s now simpler to schedule flights, types are easier and faster to complete, the payment circulation has actually been reduced, and all activities are done on the Air Peace site rather of rerouting users somewhere else.
  • The UI looks a lot more friendly and enticing to the eyes of the users

Usually, individuals liked completion results! And now, more individuals wish to utilize Air Peace for scheduling their flights.

Thank you a lot for reviewing! I would like to obtain your feedback. And remember to share if you believe it made good sense you.

I’m Ojemeh Peace “Perriefidelis”– however I choose that you call me “Perrie.” I am an Item Designer. You can get in touch with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Bēhance.

A UX case research study of developing a much better experience. Re-designing the Air Peace Airline company site was initially released in freeCodeCamp on Medium, where individuals are continuing the discussion by highlighting and reacting to this story.

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