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ALLIVE, an Intelligent Healthcare Blockchain Ecosystem, Partners with Ontology


ALLIVE is an interesting brand-new job that intends to produce a detailed healthcare services system that works on the blockchain. The job will produce decentralized, collective, smooth, and safe healthcare applications for the healthcare market and will be developed to work flawlessly with healthcare provider, wearable gadgets, medical R&D organizations, medical monetary services, along with support system to supply end-to-end and easy to use healthcare experiences for everybody.

Tying together all the numerous various information sources and information types associated with such an enthusiastic job is, obviously, a substantial endeavor. That is why ALLIVE is partnering with Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain job that leverages dispersed trust networks, decentralized journals, and integrated wise agreements to assist in the cooperation in between various companies and personal stars. Ontology permits users to handle their own information from a range of sources consisting of public organizations, banks, companies, household, coworkers, and buddies, and permits this information to be tracked, traded, protected, and utilized in any method that the owner chooses.

The official statement of this collaboration occurred in Seoul on August 18, 2018, at the OntologyMainnet Seoul Launch.Details on the occasion, consisting of partners and program, can be discovered here This occasion was a precursor to the Ontology mainnet launch occasion that is to be kept in Tokyo on August 25.

(Photo: The creator of Ontology, Jun Li (Left) and Eagle Zhang)

TheSeoul occasion included an unique address by Mr Eagle Zhang, the co-founder, and CTO of ALLIVE, along with top-level computerese by creators and senior members of the Ontology structure. Issues that were talked about throughout the conference consisted of the significance and advantages of blockchain innovation, current advancements in the area, and future patterns and applications of blockchain in various sectors.

(Photo: Eagle Zhang at the ONTo logy MainNet Launch in Seoul)

In his speech,Mr Zhang went over a few of the issues pestering the healthcare services market and discussed how ALLIVE can assist deal with those concerns. Some of these issues talked about consisted of the high expense of healthcare management (which has actually reached unmatched levels of USD 12 trillion each year), unacceptable results of big doctor, and the main issue of health information ownership. Data is of unique interest to ALLIVE and Ontology due to the fact that the collaboration in between the 2 companies prepares to utilize a data-centric technique to enhancing healthcare.

To putMr Zhang’s remarks in point of view, think about the following: Health information is commonly gathered and utilized by both people along with organizations, however the majority of people have extremely restricted control over their own information due to the fact that of the method medical facilities and other central organizations gather, save, and control that information. Centralized approaches to information collection and storage not just decrease the level of control that personal people have on their own individual information, however they position constraints on exactly what they can do with it, and they likewise position this information in major jeopardy from hacks and public direct exposure. An included layer of intricacy to the issue is that if information ownership is, in truth, returned to personal people, this might threaten to decrease the effectiveness of inter-agency information streams, decreasing the general efficiency of healthcare arrangement, to startwith Therefore, beyond merely repairing the method healthcare reform is approached, policymakers and decisionmakers have to comprehend that there are numerous data-specific concerns that have to be dealt with, such as the following:

  • Data has to be high volume so that forecasts can be made about occasions that occur numerous times.
  • Data has to be top quality so that even with information that handles various shapes and kinds and consists of using various systems of measurement, all information can be fed into a system that can comprehend and utilize it.
  • Data has to remain in a single location and not siloed so that the systems and procedures that require particular kinds of information can really access the information they require.
  • Data has to be objective. Data for usage in AI systems and in healthcare options have to preserve consistency in regards to the conditions where the information was gathered, and this is not possible when utilizing information gathered from various medical facilities at various times and under a wide variety of various scenarios.

Unfortunately, existing systems do not deal with all these concerns in the method they gather and utilize information. Rising healthcare expenses and unacceptable healthcare results affirm to these drawbacks. However, as was explained byMr Zhang’s remarks, ALLIVE can alter all that. How will it do this?

By leveraging blockchain innovations and in collaboration with Ontology, ALLIVE will produce a decentralized platform for extensive and tailored healthcare. Its Olife module will construct a personal profile of an person’s health information, Olivia will run as an expert system doctor, and Oleaf will link whatever together in a detailed healthcare service system.

There many advantages to this technique. First of all, all these systems will be secured, and they will assist to break down the information silos that exist in central healthcare systems today. They will likewise assist medical facilities and healthcare centers shift to a more evidence-based technique to customized healthcare. Furthermore, Olivia, the AI module of the system, will integrate medical understanding with artificial intelligence algorithms to supply better care and medical diagnoses, that too at a portion of the expense of routine healthcare experts. This will enable ALLIVE to supply less expensive and more prompt medical guidance and assessment services to people, not simply in medical facilities and centers however in their houses also, conserving ill clients from expensive and troublesome journeys to the health center. Finally, Oleaf will connect whatever together and will allow clients, medical professionals, insurance provider, caretakers, medical gadget makers, and other stakeholders in the medical and healthcare services markets to work collaboratively utilizing top quality, dependable, safe, and precise information.

Now that the Seoul occasion and the Ontology collaboration statements are over, ALLIVE continues to deal with establishing the platform. Q4 2018 will see the release of the beta variation of Olivia, along with the launch of ALLIVE’s native wallet. The ALLIVE testnet is set to be introduced in Q1 2019, and launch of the mainnet is slated for Q2 2019.

AlongwithMr Eagle Zhang, the ALLIVE core group likewise consists of Mr Jack Liu, the Founder and CEO of ALLIVE, and Dr Dongfang Liu, the Chief ofMedicine Mr. Jack Liu is an financier and board member with lots of tech and healthcare start-ups, and he is an early financier in the blockchain field. As forDr Dongfang Liu, he is an skilled healthcare expert who is devoted to looking into the efficiency and quality of medical services through innovative innovations. In addition to the core starting group above, ALLIVE has actually combined numerous expert market professionals also to serve on the business’s board of advisers. These consist of XiaochuanWang, the CEO of Sogou Tech and the previous CTO of Sohu, who gives the group technical competence, and GeorgeWu, Doctor & & Professor of Harvard MedicalSchool Dr. Wu’s locations of competence depend on medical research study, and he has actually taught at Harvard Medical School considering that 2005 and has actually had his work released in various medical publications of international prominence.

Finally, ALLIVE’s Airdrop program is presently live. Earlier involvement will be rewarded with more ALV tokens, so click here now to take part! And, for more information about ALLIVE and how it prepares to interfere with the healthcare services market by enhancing client results and reducing the expenses of healthcare, go to

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Wechat: @allivenetwork

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