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Augur Platform Prepares for Main Network Deployment

Augur, a peer-to-peer forecast market platform, is all set to release its primary network on July 9th at 11: 01 PST.

Augur raised $5.5 million in 2015 by providing its token REPRESENTATIVE in a crowdsale. Augur was among the earliest ICO’s on the Ethereum blockchain and has actually been under advancement considering that.

Decentralized Forecast Markets

The platform permits users to trustlessly produce forecast markets on the result of essentially any future occasion. Users can produce markets for an occasion with a designated press reporter and consequently, traders can buy shares on the likely results. At the end of the occasion, the settlement costs are paid based upon the result. The platform has an integrated dispute resolution design and it incentivizes REPRESENTATIVE token holders to remedy any false information to make sure the precision of the real life details at hand. The entire treatment is carried out in a peer-to-peer way with no central celebration.

Forecast markets are deemed an efficient tool to make choices because, unlike standard choice making, where understanding is sourced from a single source, these markets enable to source details from the knowledge of the crowd. Enabling individuals to bank on a result would lead to effective choice making due to the fact that individuals have a chance to make loan off their special insights. Utilizing blockchain innovation to make the entire procedure decentralized and effective would speed up the usage cases for forecast markets.


Augur permits cryptocurrency users to produce forecast markets for essentially any occasion.

After initiation of the primary network, the existing clever agreement holding the REPRESENTATIVE tokens will be frozen and the balances will be instantly moved to a brand-new clever agreement. The migration is anticipated to be finished efficiently after a couple of hours past the launch.

Nevertheless, users who have their tokens transferred on decentralized exchanges (DEX) such as EtherDelta and IDEX are advised to withdraw their holdings to a various wallet or a central exchange.

In a main blog site post, they specified:

” If you have REPRESENTATIVE in the Ether/ForkDelta or IDEX exchange agreements– you should withdrawal it prior to the migration on Monday, July 9th at 11: 01 AM PT to effectively get brand-new REPRESENTATIVE in the migration. Please assist us get the word out as we approach release day.”

Users who do not hold their tokens on decentralized exchanges are not needed to do anything to get ready for the launch.

HackerOne, a San Francisco based security start-up, is handling the bug bounty for the Augur Job. Repairing vital vulnerabilities on the platform will be rewarded with approximately $200,000

Augur is unquestionably among the most enthusiastic jobs in the Ethereum community. Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, was among the very first consultants to obtain onboard. It will be fascinating and informative to see how the platform will carry out post launch.

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