Schwartz Rides Again: Tour de Schwartz EU

David Schwartz — Ripple’s Chief Cryptographer and one of the original architects of the XRP Ledger — is hitting the road again. This time he’s headed to Europe. From late May through early June, David will be stopping in multiple countries…

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Growing Support for an XRP Symbol

Over the past month, we’ve watched and listened as a grassroots movement to create an XRP symbol has taken shape within the XRP community. In tweets, forums and blogs, members underscored that Ripple is just one entity using XRP to solve…

Welcome to Xpring

In the world of blockchain and digital assets, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting entrepreneurs flowing into the space. At Ripple, we want to act as a proverbial spring for the most serious ones — making sure they have…

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EOS Long-term Price Analysis

The EOSUSD trading pair started the week bullish until May 9. On May 10, the pair declined strongly, to the extent of breaking the accumulation territory of $15.00, and it kept on dropping towards the accumulation territory of $10.00.