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Altcoins, meaning “alternative coins”, is another term for cryptocurrencies (other than Bitcoin). Since Bitcoin’s release in 2009, many have noticed its crucial advantages over government money, while also giving recognition to the fact that some of its aspects can be improved upon. That has lead to the appearance of hundreds of different altcoins, which are all ultimately based on the same technology of the Blockchain but are designed differently in some ways, in order to achieve different goals.

Japan to Ban Insider Trading, Privacy Coins

A self-regulatory body compromising of Japan's sixteen signed up cryptocurrency exchanges is apparently set to vote on brand-new propositions that will prohibit expert trading and plausibly limit assistance for confidential tokens like…

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Quickly a Satoshi Nakamoto Statue in Ukraine

Techniques are underway in Ukraine to honor the pseudonymous designer of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, by installing a statue of him in Kiev. The picked location for the statue is Shevchenko Boulevard, where a monolith to Vladimir…

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