EncryptoTel: Private Cloud Encrypted Communication Exchange?


EncryptoTel is one of the pioneers in the dual-blockchain ventures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. The coin is available in both waves and ethereum blockchains and can move freely between them using the BlockSwap technology. The idea behind the development of the platform is to ensure privacy is maintained in the telecommunication sector. It ensures that your telecommunication is encrypted protecting you from any intrusion of your privacy. Like other cryptos in the market, EncryptoTel will also be decentralized making it hard for any government control. Let’s dig deeper and learn more about this coin that seeks to disrupt how the telecommunication industry works.

How EncryptoTel Works

In the recent past, there have been a surge of social networking sites and people are communicating using different platforms. As a result, this audio and video calling as well as instant messaging platforms have become insecure and are prone to surveillance and exploitation by third parties like governments and companies. This is where EncryptoTel (ETT) comes in. the platform combines different technologies in the telecommunication sector, connecting VoIP and virtual PBX with encryption, blockchain protocols as well as cryptocurrency payments. This helps to protect your private data in your devices from interference from third parties. The platform is suitable for both individuals and corporates.

EncryptoTel Private Cloud Encrypted Communication Exchange Facts

Although it’s a new platform in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere, the platform comes with the following:

  • Customers will enjoy free communication within the network: Once the company acquires a telecommunication license, all customers will enjoy free communication within the network making it a cheaper option for many people around the world.
  • Encryption: Customers will be protected from surveillance and interference of their privacy by any third parties including government agencies.
  • Suitable for both business and individuals: although the privacy centric technology is more attractive to businesses, it will also be attractive to individuals who want to keep their personal details private.
  • Easy payment: EncryptoTel token will make it easy to pay for services and will also offer an incentive to those who pay using the platform as opposed to other cryptocurrencies.

The Future Of EncryptoTel

Today, many people are concerned about their privacy than ever before. The growth and development of the internet and related technologies has put lots of people and corporates in danger of surveillance and intrusion from unlicensed third parties. In this regard, the demand for encryption services by both individuals and businesses is on the rise and the trend is expected to remain this way in the unforeseeable future. Therefore, the demand for EncryptoTel services will be on the rise making the platform more valuable and profitable to the investors.

What’s more, EncryptoTel token can be exchanged using other popular cryptocurrencies in the market like Bitcoin and Litecoin. This makes it easy for investors to trade the coin in exchange for not only other famous coins but also for fiat currencies. Indeed, the future looks bright for this tremendous technology that aims to take privacy and encryption to the next level.

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EncryptoTel: Private Cloud Encrypted Communication Exchange?

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