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Expedia Stops Accepting Bitcoin

Expedia, the online travel bureau that has actually been among the biggest merchants to accept bitcoin because 2014, has actually silently stopped accepting the cryptocurrency, requiring users to look for alternative travel services. reported on July 2 that an Expedia representative validated the business would decline bitcoin for hotel or flight reservations which it was assessing alternative payment alternatives. The representative stated the business excused hassles since there had actually been no advance notification of the modification.

Expedia Experienced Issues

The report kept in mind that Expedia dealt with regular issues with bitcoin payments, consisting of client frustration about the payment procedure timing out, a stressful refund procedure, and some clients discovering they had to pay with their charge card after they paid in bitcoin.

Expedia did not react to several ask for remark. There was likewise no reference of the choice to stop accepting bitcoin on the business’s site or in its very first quarter monetary report.

Coinbase Modification An Aspect?

Many posts have actually hypothesized that Expedia stopped accepting bitcoin since Coinbase, Expedia’s bitcoin payment processor, presented a brand-new merchant tool that altered its custodial merchant service.

In late March, Reddit announced it would no longer accept bitcoin payments for its premium subscription program, Reddit Gold, primarily on account of Coinbase’s brand-new merchant platform. A Reddit administrator was estimated as stating that Coinbase’s modification, in addition to some concerns with the bitcoin payment alternative, triggered the service to stop bitcoin approval. Changes To BitPay


While, another online travel bureau, likewise utilized Coinbase, that take a trip site has actually because changed to BitPay.

Jeff Klee, CEO of, kept in mind in a declaration released on in late April that Coinbase had actually notified the travel service that it will not support custodial options for merchants, which on April 30 merchants would not have the ability to produce brand-new orders utilizing the Coinbase merchant tools. Klee even more kept in mind’s strategy to utilize BitPay as a processor., in addition to accepting bitcoin because 2013, likewise accepts litecoin, bitcoin money, and rush for both flight and hotel reservations, the business revealed this previous May.

Klee likewise specified in May that the business has actually experienced a “big uptick” in clients asking for alternative currencies.

Alternative Travel Websites Offered

Aside from, there are a range of lesser-known travel services and airline companies that accept cryptocurrency.

Travel sites that accept bitcoin consist of,,,, and

Airline companies that accept bitcoin consist of of Latvia, of Japan, of Thailand, and of The Philippines.

Present cards that can be utilized to spend for some airline companies consist of Gyft, eGiftergiftoff, FlightGiftCard,

Expedia itself had been on that list since June 2014, when it announced that it would accept bitcoin for hotel reservations. Michael Gulmann, business vice president, stated at the time that the bitcoin approval was just a test.

One Reddit poster kept in mind that Expedia’s current choice was specifically regrettable for IT market users, because a number of them get a part of their wages in cryptocurrency.

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