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Phoneum Is a True Mobile-Only Cryptocurrency and Mining Solution

ICO Review

Hello everybody!

Recently we have actually been informeded of Google prohibiting cryptocurrency mining apps in their Google PlayStore This begins the heels of Apple prohibiting mining apps a month earlier.

We at Phoneum praise this choice. Sometimes cleansing home is needed in order to restore trustworthiness. Gone will be the apps that get too hot phones, ruin battery life, mine in the background without consent, or make pledges that cannot be provided upon.

Unfortunately, we totally anticipate that our app will be tossed into this basket, without totally comprehending the abilities or the science behind Phoneum.

But we likewise think that as the word goes out, approval will come. And with that approval, the capability to really mine on a clever mobile phone.

IvanLikov, the creator and lead designer on the Phoneum job has actually invested years producing an algorithm that can mine on a clever mobile phone, simply as one would while utilizing a costly mining rig. He took the uncommon path of self-funding and producing a Proof of Concept (PoC) to show the cynics incorrect. Phoneum thinks in openness and will be launching the code on GitHub when we are on the primary web later on this year.

Imagine for a minute, how true mobile mining alters the video game. With over 2.1 Billion clever gadgets worldwide, the playing field has actually never ever been more even.

How does this work?

Phoneum distinctively combines Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Time (PoT) agreement systems where to make PHM tokens. This mix makes sure all miners are rewarded for their involvement and contribution to network development– rewarding all miners for whenever that is invested running the Phoneum app, unlike conventional PoW agreement algorithms that just reward the miner who is very first to resolve the cryptographic puzzle. The algorithm has actually been established to different ASIC or computer-based miners to guarantee they do not video game the network and makes sure a level-playing field for mobile-only miners.

The app is created to take advantage of a gadget’s integrated battery and CPU sensing units to keep an eye on gadget temperature level and guarantee that it does not get too hot. If a clever mobile phone methods overheating, the user will get a alert that they are momentarily “off” from mining. However, unlike in a Proof of Work (PoW) just agreement system where a computer system need to be continuously doing operate in order to make benefits (Which can cause increased threat of getting too hot) Phoneum’s tailored algorithm combination of Proof of Time (PoT) will allow miners to continue to make benefits. While the mining function in the app is not active, it is still working as a node while the app is open and this Proof of Time (PoT) uses to assist miners to continue to make benefits.

We have information to back this up. We started alpha screening initially on Android in January2018 We maxed our cap of 10,000 downloads, with not a single reported occurrence of getting too hot or reduced battery life. In truth, the information in a lot of cases revealed that the Phoneum app utilized less resources than most of popular apps on the Google PlayStore The iOS Beta was introduced in February 2018 and was topped at 10,000 downloads. Again, no reports of getting too hot or reduced battery life. Currently, we are operating on a combined testnet that permits both Android and iOS to exist side-by-side. We have more than 13,000 active miners online. They too have actually not reported any problems with the apps and praise its simpleness and stability.

Our objective is to supply mining for everybody. While Google (andApple) feel the have to prohibit mobile mining apps, we have actually made the mindful choice to release Phoneum beyond the Google Play environment. The exceptionally popular video game, Fortnite, has actually just recently revealed a comparable method.

Starting today, you can download our Android app straight from our site:

We have actually likewise made it readily available on the following popular third-party suppliers:



We just recently carried out an ICO to raise the funds to complete the app. The ICO goes through September 30,2018 To discover more, go to:

If you wish to call Ivan Likov for queries or to welcome him to speak at your occasion, please Contact Us

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