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Clustering the Top 1%: Asset Analysis in R

Cluster Dendrogram of Affluent US HouseholdsThe recent tax reform bill passed in the US has raised a lot of questions about wealth distribution in the country. While there’s been a lot of focus on how the tax plan will impact income,…

How Pytorch gives the big picture with deep learning

Pic from (they’re great and don’t even require attribution!)Some time ago we saw how to classify texts with neural networks. The article covered the following topics:What is a machine learning modelWhat is a neural …

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Colorize B&W photos with a 100-line neural network

Earlier this year, Amir Avni used neural networks to troll the subreddit/r/Colorization — a community where people colorize historical black and white images manually using Photoshop.They were astonished with Amir’s deep learning bot. What…