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Learning to code is just like learning to dance

Numerous moons earlier, I was a dancer. A modern dancer, to be precise. And no, modern dance isn't really constantly a group of barefooted individuals pretending to be trees swaying in the wind. On one event, I danced the part of a ghost.…

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JavaScript ES6 — write less, do more

JavaScript ES6 brings brand-new syntax and brand-new amazing functions to make your code more modern-day and more legible. It permits you to compose less code and do more. ES6 presents us to numerous fantastic functions like arrow…

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How to program a calculator with jQuery

" Blue stimulates and flames over a piece of metal with a welder leaning over it" by Rob Lambert on Unsplash Formerly, I revealed you ways to utilize CSS border-radius home to develop the following calculator. Now I will reveal you ways to…