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Learning to code is just like learning to dance

Numerous moons earlier, I was a dancer. A modern dancer, to be precise. And no, modern dance isn't really constantly a group of barefooted individuals pretending to be trees swaying in the wind. On one event, I danced the part of a ghost.…

CSS Unit Battle: EMs Versus REMs…FIGHT!

" 2 systems go into! One system leaves ..."-- ThunderDOM body {background-color: transparent;}. twitter-tweet {margin: automobile! crucial;} Who would win in a BATTLE? &#x200 a;—-- &#x200 a;@username_zaydekfunction…

Learn This One Weird Trick To Debug CSS

* Not clickbait * Hi! I'm Zaydek! When I initially set out to discover the best ways to make sites, it was more much more uncomfortable than expected. After all, I'm a skilled developer and graphic designer-- how could sites be that…

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